1. Nesting is for adoptive mamas, too. I am nesting SO bad right now, trying to keep my mind off the fact that we are 1 document and (hopefully) just a few weeks from bringing our big girl home from Ethiopia. I seriously feel 100% as hormonally driven to have every. single. thing. perfect as I did when I was pregnant. 2. My husband is amazing. He’s been so sweet as I rearrange and paint and shop like a madman. He made the little daybed in our kitchen nook from two vintage bed frames after I came up with the plans in a particularly bad fit of nesting. He’s currently putting up beadboard in our laundry room. And cutting down a console table to fit our foyer. And making all kinds of long-needed repairs to the house. So maybe nesting is for adoptive dads, too. :) 3. Sweet Nolie Kate has decided that there’s too much crazy going on at our house for her to miss out on, so she’s decided to get moving. And she’s fast! 4. I have no idea how we survived the wait for our last adoption without four other littles at home to keep us busy. Half of me is 100% preoccupied with the whirlwind that’s always happening at home, and half of me is 100% wondering about our new little girl, praying she’ll be home soon. Adoption is crazy and painful and agonizing. But so worth it. #adoptionrocks

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