The farmhouse

My parents' farmhouse renovation is finally complete, and they are moving in!  I got a chance to walk through last week and took a quick video of the almost-complete house.  I was going to trim it up and edit it a bit, but my time (and my arms) have been full lately!  So for your viewing pleasure, a very amateur, wobbly video walk-through in which I sometimes forget that you can't turn the phone sideways while filming :)  

Despite the shaky video, I felt that this place was just too special not to share.  The original house (the front living room and master bedroom as well as the upstairs) was built in the 1850s.  It had been added onto over the years, and the whole house was in pretty rough shape.  My parents were able to save the original portion of the house, but everything else was torn off and replaced.
They matched the shiplap walls and ceilings from the original house, and added character in many details throughout: the doors, baseboards, lighting, countertops....  They were also able to save some of the original character - the front door (with the adorable doorbell!), the upstairs floors, etc.
The property is such a peaceful, unique place, and I'm so glad my parents will be able to enjoy it now from their new old home.    
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