What's Happening

1. We've been spending some lazy days at the park while the weather is still nice (in the 70s here!).  I snapped this photo of the kids playing and it SO exemplifies their personalities: thoughtful caution and GO-GO-GO!

2.  Hammie's favorite person ever is his big sister, and for good reason.  She would do just about anything to make him happy.  God truly knew how we needed to see her compassionate, selfless side and gave us Hampton at just the right time.  P.S. The kids now call him Hammie, Hampy, Humpump, Geeko (not sure why), Kinko (again, not sure), Ham-Ham, Hammie Cakes, and a few more I can't think of right this minute.  He will be so confused about his name, but so sure that he is loved!

3.  I added several new growth charts to the shop this week.  Use code ITSFALLYALL for 15% off now through Thanksgiving.

4.  Obligatory pumpkin patch photo.  And aren't my kids beautiful?  :)

5.&6.  Leafy shadows and evening light and our new paint colors.  The black and white is classic, and the pretty bluey color on the door gives it a bit of personality.  Thankful I like how it turned out!  (BM China White on the siding, SW Tricorn Black on the shutters, SW 7005 Pure White on the trim, and BM Wythe Blue on the door.  Thanks largely to Rene!)  

7.  The kids have started working to raise money for Compassion.  They've been so excited to help around the house so we can add money to their jar.  Gus wants to give toward shoes and clothes, and Lula wants to give toward medical care and to support doctors. It makes me so grateful to see their caring and generous hearts.

8.  What happens when you let a 3 and 4 year-old entertain the baby for a minute.

9.  I started cleaning out the office so we can relocate all the shop stuff upstairs.  I found my old magazine clippings from back before there was pinterest.  And 99% of them went straight into the recycle bin.  (We'll hopefully be doing a big zulily event sometime before Christmas with extra big discounts to clear out inventory to make the move a little easier.  I'll let you know!)  
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