So it's come to this.  For the time being, posting an occasional instagram photo collage might be about all I have the time/energy/will power to do.  I plan to post an update (hopefully) once a week and we'll see how it goes.  If you follow on instagram, there will likely be very little new for you, but I may throw in some extra details.  So here goes:
1. Our pretty new siding and front door.  (Benjamin Moore China White and Wythe Blue respectively.)
2.  Fun un-birthday with three cousins who will all be one this year.  Left to right: Penny (Oct.), Eliza (Sept.), and Hampton (Dec.).  (See why it would have been so cool if he had been born in November like he was supposed to be?  Besides the horrible discomfort of the 41st week of pregnancy, I mean. :)
3.  LegoLand with the "big" kids to celebrate their 4th.  We all had a blast.
4.  Weekend road trip to Blue Ridge, and this sweet guy was a wonderful traveler. Smiles the whole way.
5.  New (unpainted) gray siding on the house had me questioning my color choice.  The light gray was pretty, but I ended up sticking to the white.  'Cause who wants to spend hours staring at paint chips again?    
6.  Playing with oil paints and pretty flowers.  Not sure where this hobby will take me, but I'm enjoying it!
7.  Bedtime snuggles and Bible time with daddy.  Nothing better than freshly washed hair and footie jammies :)
8.  Apple cookies.  Our new snack obsession.  Soooo good.
9.  Playing with watercolors and a bit of hand lettering.
10.  Sleeping in the car.  She still looks so little when this happens.
11.  Snuggles with my littlest.  I've learned that it goes so, so fast.  And I'm trying desperately to slow it down a bit.
12.  The big kids have been learning a new bible verse each week and sometimes let me snap a video of them reciting it.
13 & 14.  Gus got his first (non-Duplo) Legos for his birthday and we've spent hours since playing with them.  His sister was so excited to give him a hotwheels car she picked out, and topped it off with a kiss.
15.  The barn door is finished and looking (and sliding!) good.  We used this tutorial for the hardware.  

We'll see how this whole thing works out.  It's hard to tell if I'm just in a rut or done with blogging for good.  Hopefully posting quick updates will tide me over while I figure it out.  Thanks for bearing with me!
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