What's Happening

Posts have been a bit scarce around here lately.  Not because there's nothing to write about, but because life is so full right now.  We've been busy with kids and business and church and family and real life-y stuff.  And that's how it should be.  I'm not ready to give up the blog completely, but I have been finding it much easier lately to share photos and bits of life on instagram, so for now at least that may be the best way to keep up with us.  If you're interested in doing that.  (Full disclosure - 90% of my instagram feed is cute kid photos with a few art and house projects thrown in.  Fair warning.)

Anyway, here's what's been happening around here lately:

*Sweet Hammie just had his 9 month check up and measured at the 97th percentile for height.  He's almost got a third tooth, he's pulling up and walking around (while holding on), and saying "mama", "daddy", and "hey".  He's as pudgy and fluffy as ever, and we're all still 100% enamored with him.

*The barn door.  Keith and I finally got around to (almost) finishing the trim work in the kitchen.  To add a threshold between the new wood floors in the kitchen and the old tile in the laundry, we had to remove the door.  I was going to plane it a bit so it would still shut with the threshold in place, but then I realized how much more open our little laundry room was without a door swinging into it.  So this is happening:
We've got the door built, now we just have to paint it and figure out the hardware and hanging.  I know the whole barn door thing has been done, but I'm still so excited to have my own!

*Keith and I have had a rough year with this wild and crazy, beautiful girl.
It's its own post, but long story short, we figured out that she has Sensory Processing Disorder.  And I have never been so thankful to have a label to stick on someone in my life.  So much of what we have been struggling with - odd behavior and horrible, horrible melt-downs - is tied to SPD.  We did a few play therapy sessions and have figured out some ways to integrate sensory play at home with her now.  She is a completely different, absolutely delightful person.  Praise God for some answers and some simple solutions to help her get what her body is needing!

*Our wallets are screaming over here.  We moved in knowing we would have to replace the siding soon, but we didn't realize quite how much that would cost.  Ouch.  The up side is that we get to change the exterior paint colors.  That's not very much comfort for the steep price tag, but it's something.
Over on the left is the house before we moved in.  The right is the color scheme I'm considering.  'Scuse the bad photoshopping.  I'm open to suggestions, though.

That's what's happening.  See y'all around instagram.
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