Phone Dump

It's VBS week around here, which means early mornings, tiring days, and late afternoon naps.  And not much time or energy for much else.  So a phone dump it is.
I moved around all the time growing up, and this is my fourth house since marrying Keith, so I'm wired to crave change.  I promised Keith I would try to satisfy that craving by moving furniture around instead of relocating.  So the striped curtain panels moved here from the dining room, and my greek key-trimmed white panels moved there.  The Venice maps were replaced with botanicals, and the frames whitewashed.  The solid pillows are from Ikea (with ribbon trim added), and the print is fabric my mom has had lying around.  
These gorgeous stools I found on craigslist after searching high and low for an inexpensive pair.  They'll be painted and recovered.  Next week.
Gus and Lula have been working on writing names....

....and learning memory verses.

This little guy has been working on charming his sister....
...and his brother....
...and me.  He's getting so big.  Everytime I hold him, I'm overwhelmed by how fluffy he is.  And I think of this:

I've got more to share, but kids are waking from naps and whining has commenced :)  Hope to be back with more next week!
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