Greek key trim (again)

So I most definitely wasted waaaay more time on this than it was worth, but I did continue in my search for some inexpensive Greek key trim.  Last week I finally gathered up the courage (and a bag full of snacks and teethers.  and the double stroller.  and the baby carrier.)  to load all three kids in the car and head to the stores, and this is what I found:

Joann had just a few color options, mostly in the neutral family.  It was pretty nice trim, and was priced at $7/yard to start with.  Add in a 40% off coupon (you can always find one for Joann's), and it was an inexpensive $3.5/yard.  Not bad.  Unfortunately, they were a few yards shy of the 12 I needed for my curtains.

So I moved on to Hobby Lobby.  (Or HollyLolly as Lula calls it.)  They had some pretty colors to choose from.  Just like the trim I had found online, it was $7/yard.  (Again, 40% off coupons are always available, so it would come to $3.5/yard.)
So many choices.....and not a single one with enough yardage.  Stink.  I opted not to place a special order and wait around for a week or two, only to have to go back to the store to pick it up when it came in.  (If you've never shopped with three kids 3 and under, you may not understand.  It's an ordeal.)

And then I found this:
Super inexpensive grosgrain with a printed greek key design.  It felt a little like cheating, just a little bit wrong.  But come on, let's be real here.  I'm not an interior designer.  Most people who come to visit me in my home won't even notice (or care about) the silly trim on my curtains.  And chances are, I'm going to want to change it out in a year or two anyway.
And it felt much better to spend $8 than $40, $80 or $100.  Especially since I was sewing it onto $20 Ikea curtains.
My inner cheapskate is quite happy.  And even my inner design snob has to admit that you really can't tell from a distance (and nobody's going to be looking very closely anyway).
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