Ethiopian, through and through

Ethiopia has been on my mind lately.  With the third anniversary of our "home for good" day, and Mother's Day (always a beautiful, humbling, mixed up emotional mess of a day for me), and some reconnecting with families we met while in the adoption process, my heart has been tugged back toward the sweet days we spent there.  A few weeks ago we took an overnight trip to the mountains with some good friends, and while hiking with Hampton and six other little ones in tow, I caught a whiff of something that was very definitely Ethiopia.  Keith confirmed, and we had a few moments of sweet nostalgia.  My friend took a sniff and declared it was spoiled milk.  Well, spoiled milk mixed with nature might be the very sweetest smell in the world for me.
We've also been talking to the kids more about Ethiopia, visiting local Habesha restaurants, and looking through photos of our time in Addis.  They're soaking it all in, and maybe starting to understand just a bit about the wonderful place where they were born.
With all that, it seemed like time to pull out the traditional Ethiopian clothes we bought in country.  The second set just fit.
Goodness!  They look so Ethiopian!  
Hampton got in on the shoot, too, wearing Gus' smallest outfit.  (Poor baby may have inherited my pasty complexion.)  
I hope that we will see some of the inner strength and beauty of Ethiopia in them as they get older, as well as the outward beauty of their lovely faces and smooth brown skin.  As a new mama of a little girl from Ethiopia recently told me, "It's so good to see their sweet Habesha faces".  Yes it is.  
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