What's Happening

It's been far too long, my friends.  I've been trying to come up with words to describe how life's been lately, but this says it far better than I could:
Well, except we only have three.  But you know....

*I've been trying to eat a bit healthier in hopes of shedding the last five pounds of baby weight, and I've been poking around pinterest and allrecipes.com for some lighter options.  Most have been pretty yummy, and I now have two new go-to dinners (cheesy chicken and rice bake and spinach lasagna roll-ups) and a new favorite snack (primal fudge - seriously smooth and yummy).
I've been pinning the recipes I've tried and like to my "Tried and True" board if you're looking for some light meals.

*And if when I feel like cheating a bit and eating something really, really, really good, I now reach for one of these.  If you've never tried them before, I don't know whether to say you're welcome or so sorry.  They're a tad addictive.  And so good.

*We discovered the wubbanub a while back.  It's amazing.  After weeks of popping pacis in H's mouth all through the night (I'm not a new parent, but I am a new newborn parent -- rookie mistake!), I did a little research to see what could be done to help him hang onto his paci.  Enter the wubbanub.  The whole point is that the stuffed animal gives little ones something to hold onto when the paci is in their mouths, and something to reach for when it's lost.  Hampton has already started hanging onto his to keep his paci.
BUT I have to tell you, the most wonderful thing about the wubbanub is that for little babies that still sleep swaddled (like H), the wubbanub can be stuffed down the front of the swaddle so the paci never goes far.
Even if he loses it while sleeping, he can move his head around to get the paci back in his mouth.  Making me one slightly better rested mama.  Which is a pretty big deal.  Thank you, wubbanub.  

*Also helpful in the sleep department is this.  G and L know that they have to play quietly in their room in the morning until the clock turns green.  I've been able to snooze until 8:30 thanks to this wonderful thing.  Highly recommend for toddlers who like to wake early.

*I just got my fabric in from Spoonflower and can't wait to turn it into some new pillows for the living room.  Love how it turned out!

*We've been doing a lot of just plain old hanging out lately.  I always do a bit of risk/benefit assessing before planning out the day, and most days I come to the conclusion that that trip to Target just isn't going to happen.  So it's been jammies and books for us.
 Lu reading to Hampton
I'm very thankful that my kids play so well together and have been so amazing with Hampton.  I don't know if there's a more smothered loved baby on the planet.

*I almost never paint my fingernails because I'm rough on my hands and the polish chips and wears off much too quickly.  Well, I just found this polish and am loving it.
It lasts nearly a week, goes on nice and smooth, and it's no more expensive than drugstore brands.  The one downside is that you can't see the colors in person before buying, but I've found that you can usually google "CND Vinylux color name here" and find a few photos of the color painted on.  Something about having polished nails makes me feel a bit more put together, which I'm definitely in need of these days :)  

*I've been very impatiently waiting to tell y'all about this.  It feels like it's been in the works forever, and while they're still not ready to go, we're finally getting close.
We will (hopefully) soon be adding large (24"x32"ish) canvas wall hangings to the shop.  This is a mock-up that our printer did for us, and it's found a permanent spot in our kitchen.  I'm so excited about these, hopefully I'll be back soon to tell y'all they're in the shop!
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