We've been struggling around here just a bit.  Some days much more.  And while there are plenty of tears and much parenting angst to go around, this girl has been the epicenter of our struggles of late.  We desperately needed to see some hope - just a little reflection of His goodness - in this wild and trying girl.    
One morning months ago I found her curled up in Hampton's crib, singing sweetly to him.  Now it's her morning routine.  This girl has always been the very opposite of a morning person, but now she wakes before us all to tiptoe into Hampton's room and climb into his crib.  She sings to him, tickles him, brings him toys to play with.  One very stormy morning a few weeks ago, I found her huddled over him, covering his ears so he wouldn't be afraid of the thunder.
She's a very passionate person, and she passionately loves her baby brother.  Their sweet relationship is the bit of hope we needed.
And it is delightful.
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