The office

I was so excited when we moved into this house to have a dedicated room for an office (as opposed to the closet we were using in the last house).  It's in the basement, doesn't get any natural light, and has stained concrete floors and unfinished ceilings.  But it's a room!  (And truth be told, I mostly just drag my laptop around and design wherever the kids are playing.  But this is the official office space, where we store all our on-hand prints and other supplies, and where we prepare shipments.)  So I thought I'd give y'all a look around the space.  Come on in:
I painted the walls with black chalkboard paint, used some extra-long white Ikea curtains to hide our inventory storage, and threw a jute rug on the ground.  
This is my seating area for any special guests who might come to see me while I'm at work.  (I.e. Gus and/or Lula.  Thus the stack of kids' books :)  I drew our logo on the wall and traced over it in permanent chalk marker.
The chalkboard walls are great for checklists and pinning up art.  The kids' playroom is just around that corner there so I can keep an eye on them while I work.
The light fixture is a custom-by-us design.  We couldn't find anything decent looking with enough bulbs in our budget, so I sketched something up and Keith helped make it happen.  We used some gorgeous vintage-looking brass braided cords for a little something special.  
We were going for something super bright, but we may have overshot that goal a bit :)  So we keep about half of the twelve bulbs unscrewed slightly :)
And behind the curtains, Keith built floor to ceiling shelving for inventory.  It's nothing special, but it does its job. 

It's not the fanciest or prettiest -- and definitely not the easiest to photograph -- office ever, but it's a nice, functional space with a few little things that make me smile.  It's where the magic happens :)
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