Dust, dust, more dust, and Encolorpedia

We've been a bit harried here lately.  After Lula's whole hospitalization, a visit from in-laws, several more trips to the hospital for outpatient labs, and a four day long business trip for Keith, we're maybe, hopefully settling back into our normal, predictable pattern of life....Except that we opted to jump right into a mini kitchen remodel.  We're almost finished, but for several days we lived with some version of this:
Just imagine the dust.  And then quadruple that.  In Lula's words: "Yuck".  
But anyway, in the course of picking paint colors for the kitchen, I attempted to run a few Benjamin Moore colors through colorcharts.org (I love BM colors, but no way I'm dragging three little ones thirty minutes to the nearest store for paint).  This used to be a great site for matching paint colors across different brands, but sadly it seems to have vanished.  :(
Thankfully, I did find http://encycolorpedia.com/.  Maybe y'all already know about this and I'm late (as always) to the party.  But if you don't, and you're ever in need of matching paint colors, check it out.  It gives tons of information on colors, including some useful info for web, but if you search a color and scroll down, it gives an exhaustive list of matches in different paint brands.
Matches for Olympic Babbling Brook, the color I used in G and L's first nursery
Hope y'all find this helpful!  I'll be back soon with photos of our updated kitchen!  
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