Progress in the powder room

We're starting to get back into the swing of things around here.  I've been dreaming up some plans to fix a few trouble spots in our kitchen, I'm making an Ikea run tonight, and I've finally got the powder room (mostly) put together.  Progress feels good.

So the powder room.  Once upon a time it looked a bit like this:
I had found the vanity on craigslist for 70 bucks, and knew it had potential.  The birds and vines weren't cutting it, though.  Nor were the dark walls, the strangely rigged up chandelier, or the faux-finished ceiling.  (I didn't take a photo of the before - darn.  It looked like they were going for a Tuscan stucco look, but to me it looked like someone had locked a chain-smoking granny in the powder room for the last twenty years.  Orangey-brown and dirty looking.)

So everything got a coat of paint: the walls, the ceiling (I've never been so excited by a plain white ceiling before!), and the vanity.
The vanity is Martha Stewart "Seal", and the walls are the same as everywhere else in our house: Sherwin Williams "Pearly White".

We also replaced the light fixture with this one.  I have a hard time finding bathroom lighting that I like that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  This one is cute, not bathroomy-looking, and $57.
I picked up some pretty hand towels at Ross, and the rest of the accessories, the artwork, and the mirror I already had.  Keith's not sold on the convex mirror in here, but I love it.  It's just a little a bit quirky, which I think is a good thing.     
I spent about $150 in here total (including the vanity), so while it's not a dramatic overhaul, it is a pretty big change for the money spent.  Yup, progress feels good!   
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