The Nursery

I was hoping to share photos of the finished nursery with a new baby in it, but he seems completely content to sit right where he is.  We're four days overdue, and no signs of impending labor.  I hope he's as content and easy-going once he's born :)

But the nursery.  It's finished.  I started with what I had: the daybed (thrifted by my mom when we lived in Germany), the crib (one of G&L's old ones), the rug (craigslist find for $40), the dresser (auction find from way back when).
Many of the smaller pieces I had already, too.  The gold frames were all yard sale finds my mom had intended to paint and reuse.  She graciously lent them to me instead.  The quilts (one on the bed, the other turned into a faux bumper) were from HomeGoods a few years ago.   The light fixture was a $10 yard sale find a few years ago.  It got a coat of gold paint and a little rub 'n buff.
The wall lamps were an in-store Target find.  (Sorry, I couldn't find them online!)  My mom had the fabric for the pillow in her stash.
The art (clockwise from left to right): photo of G and L, bumble bee art print by me, sonogram of the little guy, You Are So Loved art print by me, his initials embroidered on linen, one of Gus' baby outfits pressed and framed, and a lovely watercolor bumble bee via etsy.

The bed isn't actually a day bed, so I had Keith cut some plywood to a shape I sketched out, and I covered it with a little foam, batting, and fabric.  The nailhead trim was a last-minute finishing touch before he mounted it on the wall.
We took the mirrored doors off the closet and hung some fabric I had lying around.  (No sewing involved, just pleated with my fingers and clipped a curtain ring on from the back.)
The walls.  Oh, the walls.  I fell in love with block printed wallpaper (Like this.  Or any of Galbraith & Paul's gorgeous papers.)  But it just wasn't in the budget.  So I found a hand-carved wood block on etsy and stamped them myself.  $30 for the block, $6 for paint.  And hours of work.  But I think it was worth it.  (Not nearly as time-consuming as the dining room walls in the last house.)  They're far from perfect, some are too faint, others a bit heavy.  But it works.    
The art over the crib is my sad attempt at something Amanda Talley-ish.  I think there's a reason she's the pro.  Keith framed out the canvas following this tutorial.  I used an old canvas I had, so it was a super cheap project at least.
The mobile was easy enough.  Felt balls, embroidery floss, and two embroidery hoops.  Done in one naptime.
The baskets under the crib I stole from the living room.  I didn't really need the extra storage (the kid has the whole closet to himself, unlike G and L), but I was too lazy to make a crib skirt, so they fill in the space.  And I did throw some extra boxes of diapers in them.

Keith hung the two buckets on the side of the dresser for diaper & wipe storage using bathrobe hooks from the hardware store.  The giant safety pin was thrifted, as was the vintage lamp.  I decided to dress up the closet a bit with a garland using the left over felt balls from the mobile.

And that's it.  It's ready and waiting.  Hopefully Humpump decides to show up soon.  Let me know if I missed anything!  
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