My sweet boy is three.  How this happened, I haven't a clue.  Suddenly there's a sports-loving, book-reading, responsible little man where my baby used to be.
If not for his big, beautiful eyes and perfectly puckery lips, I might question if this was really the same little one who came home to us two and a half years ago.  Gus, you are a treasure and are loved so, so much.
I can always count on you to giggle uncontrollably when I tickle your neck, to comfort your sister when she's upset, to show interest in anything with gears or wheels, and to ask if I have my wallet with me when we get in the car.  (Thank you!)  I love your sweet (incredibly on-key!) singing and the way that you still like to hold my hand with your pudgy little one.  When you call me mama and ask to cuddle in my lap, it still melts me.
You are such a joy to us.  Happy birthday, little man!      
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