Three (times two)

This little girl turned three on Friday.  And while she's fiercely independent and a veritable whirlwind most of the time, she still gives the very best snuggles when the day winds down.
 She is fearless in the face of danger, forever running headfirst into walls and tumbling to the ground.  And she's tough - no drama over scrapes and bruises for this one.  We fear she may have a future as a stunt double.  

Yet she can sit for an hour at a time reading books, and shows the utmost care for her baby dolls.  If someone she loves is sick or sad, she shows a deep concern and compassion for them.  Her memory is incredible, and she recites several books almost verbatim.
She loves to try on shoes, purses, and necklaces, and shows a marked preference for pigtails over a single ponytail.  When she picks out her own clothes, she always gravitates toward sweet, old-fashioned dresses and maryjanes.

She is wonderfully generous, and often shares even the last bite of a favorite treat with her big brother.  She loves her daddy wholeheartedly, and has a special laugh/snort just for him.
You are so very loved, sweet girl, and we can't imagine life without you.  Happy birthday!
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