Bedroom (and belly) updates

The nesting instinct is starting to kick in, and thankfully I've got a bit of energy left still, so things have been getting done around here.  (Keith would laugh at this and tell y'all I've been nesting the whole 8 months.  Don't believe him.)  Anyway, I thought I'd share some updated photos of our bedroom.  It's not finished - I don't know that I'll ever finish a room - but it's come far from when we moved in.
 Fabric on the pillow and curtains is Oh Suzanni in Ocean by Magnolia Home Fabrics.
 Wardrobe is Pax by Ikea, mirrored screen behind the bed is vintage.
Some of my favorite wedding and honeymoon photos framed next to our bed.  Excuse the huge pregnancy pillow.
Paper flowers from this lovely shop, mercury glass knobs, and a small collection of vintage globes.  The middle one is a night light!
My mom bought me this vintage dressing table years ago and I love it.  I feel so girly getting ready here :)
And over in the corner by the bathroom door is this.  Hospital bags packed and ready to go.
Because it's getting close!
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