A farm party

We celebrated Gus and Lula's birthdays last weekend at the farm.  It had to be one of the laziest birthday parties ever...I didn't plan any activities, come up with any decorations, or even buy any gifts.  Total slacker mom.  Thankfully, the farm is just as cute as can be, and my mom stepped up and brought tons of red and white decorations from her house and bought all the kids a cowboy hat as a favor and provided for some cute details like the red checker cupcake liners filled with animal crackers and crayons on the kraft paper covered tables.  Best Ami ever.

Anyway, here are a few shots from the day:

My dad was sweet enough to provide hay rides for the kids (and some adults).  He got his tractor and wagon all ready and made sure he had some hay bales to sit on.  It was a huge hit, even if some people thought the tractor was a bit loud :)

My mom even thought to have my kids and their cousins show up in plaid shirts and denim for a few photos before the party started.  My only regret is that we didn't get sweet baby E in any of the shots.

Despite the total lack of planning on my part, the party was definitely a success.  We ate some lunch, cut the cake, let the kids run wild, and played a full round of croquet.  Fun and easy!
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