What's Happening

*For the past three weeks, our lives have been turned upside down by a little tooth.
Lula damaged one of her front teeth over a year ago, and it although it was badly chipped, it wasn't a big deal.  Until it became abscessed a few weeks ago and had to come out.
Well, long story short, dental work and low platelet counts don't mix well.  Poor girl has gone through more doctor, dentist, and lab visits than I can count.  And the steroid she's been on has her acting like a PMSing fifteen year-old.  Oh, the mood swings!
But they seem to be working to increase her count as we got the go-ahead from her hematologist to get it pulled on Friday.
God bless all you mamas of little ones with chronic illnesses.  I didn't realize how all-consuming the appointments, medicine schedules, and coordinating between doctor offices could be.  Y'all have my admiration - it's a full-time job!

*Keith sent me this article a while ago and I found myself nodding as I read it.  If you tend toward introversion and have little chatterboxes at your heels all day, take the time to read this.

*Keith and I have been hard at work on the shop.  We've added several new prints, growth charts, and also expanded our selection to include 16x20 prints and hopefully soon, frames!
 A few of our new prints and growth charts
Most exciting of all, we've reached our goal to give away more than 50% of all profits from the shop to charities like Compassion International, Bring Love In, and Embracing Hope Ethiopia.  We've been working on this goal for a while now, and are so excited to be able to give to such wonderful causes.  Stop by to see what's new, and do a little guilt-free shopping to help support one of these wonderful charities.  And from now until September 10, use coupon code 50FORCHARITY for 20% off your order.

*I made this ice cream sandwich cake a few weeks ago, and it is ahhh-mazing.  And easy.  Just try it.

*I just bought these curtains for our living room and love them.  They look like linen, and the hidden tabs create nice folds up top.  They look a lot more expensive than they are.

*My kids just keep getting cuter and cuter.  Some proof (thanks to my phone):

*Our new niece made her way into the world on Monday (Labor Day!).  Keith and I got to go see her in all her 12-hour-old sweetness.  She's maybe the most laid-back baby ever.
Did I mention here that all 3 of my parents' kids are expecting this year?  My sister just had baby E in September, my sister-in-law is due in October, and we're due in November!  (Thanksgiving day, to be exact.)  It's going to be crazy around here for a while :)
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