Ten years ago today...

...we met for the very first time.  It was my first night away at college, I was newly eighteen, and as nervous as could be.  I feared walking alone across campus almost as much because I wanted so badly not to be alone in this big new place as I did because of all the safety instructions my dad had given me before dropping me off that morning.
He was a junior, on campus early for student government training.  He was so laid back and cool and just about the best thing I had ever seen.  I won't say that I knew we would end up together or that it was love at first sight, but there was an 'us', an understanding that we fit, from the get-go.  He could see straight through me.  

In the past ten years, we've bought and sold four homes, traveled to Europe, Asia, and Africa, survived eleven job changes, started our own business together, grieved two miscarriages, rejoiced in a victorious adoption journey, struggled together through this parenting thing, learned the joys of simplifying and downsizing, and survived more road trips, home improvement projects, and forgotten arguments than I can remember.
Ten years ago, I could never have guessed at the happiness we would have together, or the depth of my love for him.  As we've grown in our own sanctification, we've seen God bringing us closer together with common goals and a common faith.  We have been so blessed and have seen God's providential hand in so many details of our lives.
He still reads me like a book, I still think he's the best thing since peanut butter.
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