A simple, safer bumper

The new baby's room is slowly starting to come together.  Along with about 4.3 bajillion other projects we have going on.  (How bad is it that we're still not close to being unpacked?)
But anyway, in the course of figuring out crib bedding, I ran into the bumper question.  I know there's tons of debate over bumpers and some people feel very strongly one way or the other.  For me, the risk just wasn't worth it.  I skipped bumpers all together when Gus and Lula were little and opted for cheery crib skirts to add a bit of pattern.  But since I'm going super neutral in Humpump's* room, and am planning to use a white-on-white crib skirt, I wanted a little something to liven up his bedding.  Enter these pretty coverlets I found at Home Goods four or five years ago.  They used to hang out in one of the guest bedrooms in the old house and I have set one aside for the daybed in the new nursery:

The other is now a faux bumper.  Kinda like the complete sheet, it adds a little color and pattern to look like a bumper, but it sits down around the mattress for safety.  (I love the idea of the complete sheet, by the way, just not the price or the selection available right now.)
It's a really simple idea, I don't know why I didn't think of it with G &L's nursery.  You could easily sew (or find) a traditional bumper that is the same height as your crib mattress and install it down low.  This bumper is even simpler than that.  Because I didn't want to cut up a perfectly good coverlet that I might want to use again as a blanket, I simply folded it several times length-wise and wrapped it around the edge of the mattress.  It doesn't quite go all the way around, but no one is going to be peeking to make sure it wraps around the back side.  
The only down side I can see to this is that changing the sheet might be a bit tricky without messing up the bumper.  Luckily I had already decided to go with the ultimate crib sheet, which doesn't require you to lift the mattress to change the sheet.  We'll see how it all works out when Humpump gets here -- I'll let y'all know!
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*Poor little guy still doesn't have a name and is still being referred to as Humpump by Gus and Lula, and Keith and I have found ourselves calling him that, too.  I'm afraid he may be stuck with that nickname for life!