It's a boy!

We went last week for our (almost) 20 week ultrasound and were shocked and elated to find out that we're expecting a little boy!  (We would have been shocked and elated either way, we just didn't have any clue what it was until we saw a little extra something on the screen :)
So now sweet Gus will finally have another boy in the family (this baby and Gus will be the only ones out of seven grandkids!).  I can't wait to see G&L interact with their new little brother - they're both very interested in babies right now, and I think Lula will be especially helpful with the new baby....who desperately needs a name.  G&L have dubbed him baby Humpump.  I have no idea where they came up with it, but in lieu of anything better, that's what we're calling him right now :)
Anyway, I had planned on a pretty neutral, calm space for the nursery and have edited my plans just a bit since finding out it's a boy.  Here's what I'm currently planning on for baby Humpump's room:
Lots of light neutrals, a bit of soft golden yellow, a (hopefully) really cool wall treatment, and a dash of honey bees.  We'll see how it all comes together.....
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