A few house updates

While we still have a small mountain of boxes in the basement, we've managed to get a few rooms semi-put-together.  There's still a ton of unpacking and hanging and rearranging and tidying to do, but here are a few before and in-progress shots:

Living room:

In progress.  Thanks to the men in our small group, the baby grand is now standing in place!  This room isn't very exciting right now, but hopefully soon I'll have some art on the walls and window treatments up.  I'm still loving the new wood floors and that we decided to use the big armoire as a coat closet in here.  It's so pretty, it's a shame that it was hidden in our room in the last house.

Powder Room:
Sorry, I can't seem to find a before photo of this space, so you'll just have to trust that it's improved :)
In progress.  Keith installed the ugly vanity.  It still needs to be painted, but it's already providing some much appreciated storage space.
I also decided to hang my big convex mirror above the vanity.  It's a little quirky, and you can get a bit dizzy if you look at it the wrong way, but I like it :)  For those of you who requested a belly shot, there it is!

We still need to paint the vanity, the walls, and the awful faux finish on the ceiling, and fix the lighting situation.  You can see in the first photo how the previous owners wired a chandelier above the sink and swagged the wires to the center of the room.

The Dining Room:
The dining room got a fresh coat white paint (I hated painting over that hand-painted chinoiserie design, but the dark orange had to go!) and is now home to my beaded chandelier, a thrifted table, and our old dining chairs.
Unfortunately, it's also home to all the stuff we haven't hung on the walls yet.  We're getting there....
Window treatments still to come, too.

Master Bedroom:
In progress.  Our room got new floors shortly after we moved in (you can't tell from the before, but the carpet was in really bad shape).  We added the wardrobes shortly after to make up for some small closets.  The newest change -- which makes a huge difference to me -- is the new paint color.  We went with the same color as in the kids' room (Pearly White by Sherwin Williams) and I love it.  Everything is so much brighter, and yet it's also very soothing.
We still need to hang art, add window treatments and lamps, and eventually add some crown moulding to the top of the wardrobes.

There's still a long way to go, but it's so nice for this house to finally feel a bit more like home.
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And in completely unrelated news, Keith just turned the big 3-0!  We didn't do anything too crazy to celebrate, but we have some plans for this weekend.  I made him an ice cream cake (his favorite), and I loved the way this photo turned out.  They all look so excited :)  Happy birthday, honey!