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It's been a while!  I'm still here and am starting to emerge from two months of pregnancy fatigue-related hibernation.  I am so thankful that I made it through the first trimester without being sick, and I really don't mind sleeping at all ;)  it just might take me a while to catch up on two months' worth of laundry and cleaning and blogging and business-y stuff!  So to recap the last few weeks, here's what's been happening:

*First of all, thank you so, so much for all the kind comments on my last post.  I was so nervous about sharing our news, but I should have known better.  Y'all are awesome!

*G & L now have big kid beds set up in their room.  It only took three months for us to replace the mattresses on the floor situation.  (The beds were Goodwill finds.  Thanks, mom!)  We also painted.  When we moved in, their walls were a fairly dark blue that made the whole room dark and a bit gloomy (you can see a "before" photo here).  Keith and I spent an afternoon painting the walls Pearly White by Benjamin Moore.  (We used this zero-VOC paint.  It wasn't the best paint ever, but it was OK, and much cheaper than some other options out there.)
We obviously have a long way to go in here (i.e. replace the carpet, paint beds, add window treatments, pillows, etc.), but it's a start!

*I had the privilege of doing the flowers for a friend's wedding recently and it was so much fun.  She was really hands-off and basically just gave me a color scheme to work with.  Fun!
I did a little searching around for tips on doing your own wedding flowers, and didn't find very much helpful information, so while it's far from my usual material, I thought I might do a post or two about the process.  What do y'all think?

*We have one kid potty trained!  Lula was so ready for this, and has done amazingly well.  Gus still hasn't quite made up his mind yet that he wants to be done with diapers, but we're working on it.
We (loosely) used this book and were very happy with how easy it was to get L trained.

*Keith and I (mostly Keith) installed hardwoods in our front living room last weekend.  When we moved in, there was some fairly grimy, worn carpet in that room, while the rest of the main floor has wide-plank cherry wood floors.  We looked at installing new carpet, but the wood floors ended up being just a tad more, and I love how they look.  (They'll also last a lot longer!)
We're waiting on a bunch of Keith's friends to come over to help move the piano in - it takes several strong guys!  I had Keith lay the lid in the corner so I could get an idea of how it will fit in the room.  The painting on the wall is ridiculously high.  There was a nail there already, so Keith hung it up to keep it from being destroyed by the kids.

*Keith and I have a wedding in Dallas soon.  Neither of us has been to Texas before, and would love recommendations!  My sister and brother-in-law very generously offered to watch the kids, so we'll be on our own :)  What's there to see and do near Dallas?

*And in case you were wondering, Gus and Lula are still adorable as ever.  Especially when sleeping.

Have a great weekend!
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