Two years ago today...

Keith and I were led through a dim, narrow hallway into a room where two heavily swaddled babies lay contentedly in the brightly painted cribs that lined the walls.  
The intensity of my emotions when I realized that the tiny, brown little bundles were my babies - my son and daughter - is greater than I have words for.  We had waited so, so long for this.  It almost seemed that the two little ones we had prayed for and dreamed of couldn't be real.  They existed only as photographs hanging on our fridge back home, and in our most daring dreams.

The moment when they were just steps away for the first time, when we could feel their soft cheeks and damp curls and smell their sweet baby smell,  was so blessed.  I had the impression that this must be a bit like heaven, a long awaited, infinitely sweet, other-worldly reunion.  

Those tiny infants are toddlers now, and everyday I have the honor of holding, rocking, tickling, kissing them.  They call me Mama, and hug me tightly.  I am blessed with their sweet songs and giggles.  I still marvel at how beautiful they are.  I understand their toddler gibberish and know their fears and interests and anticipate their moods.  I know their tickle spots and how to make them smile.  I'm learning how to point them to Christ, and have discovered the necessity of humility and prayer in shepherding their little souls.
I am boundlessly blessed by their sweet lives and abundantly honored to be their Mama.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
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