I've been trying to figure out what to do about our little hall bath, and the only conclusion I've reached so far is that the sink has to go.  There's no storage at all in here, and the current sink doesn't even allow room for our soap dispenser - every time I go to turn the water on, I almost knock the dispenser onto the floor.  Not to mention that it's not a particularly attractive sink.
So after perusing craigslist for a few days, I came across this gem:
When I brought it home, Keith's one-word reaction was "Ugly".  But it was a steal -- $70 for the vanity cabinet, faucet, and marble top.  Of course, someone very wise once told me, "Cheap ugly is still ugly".  So true.

But if you can take ugly and turn it into something like this, it could be fabulous:    

I'm hopeful!
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