BIts & Pieces

We're settling in to the new house, still unpacking and trying to figure out which light switches do what.  I thought I'd share a few (very, very far from finished) progress shots of the house - a few of the spots that are the most presentable and box-free.
Let's start in the entry.  The table and stools are from the old house - they're great for sitting on to pull shoes on or off.  The donkey is making his debut here, just because I like looking at him :)  I'm still planning to put him in the kids' room once we paint.  Gus named him, by the way: Happy.  Not super original, but very fitting.  We can't walk out the front door now without the kids saying bye to Happy.

In the formal living room, Keith put together the giant armoire that used to be his closet.  It's now serving as a much-needed coat closet.
The baby grand will go in here, along with a pair of chairs.  The room's nowhere near done, but the armoire is one of my favorite pieces, and I love that it's one of the first things you see when you walk in.  (We're planning to replace the carpet in this room with hardwoods to match the surrounding floors.  Hopefully this big 'ole guy won't look so awkward when he's not straddling two different floors.)
The living room now has at least the big pieces of furniture in place.  There's still painting, window treatments, lights, and finishing touches to do.

This may seem silly to y'all, but I was so excited when I discovered these tie hooks in our closet.  They're not the prettiest things ever, but I love having a place to hang all my necklaces.  The rest of the closet may be a disaster, but my necklaces are all hanging.  ROYGBIV-like.

And in case you're wondering why we're not further along with the packing, I'd like to present as evidence our new bedroom floors:
We jumped on the bandwagon.  They're a bit rustic and definitely imperfect.  And I love them.  More details to come later, I'm sure.  We're waiting for the paint to cure before we move furniture in, but we have awesome (cheap) new floors.  And a light fixture!

And thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on the kitchen post.  I got lots of great advice and ideas from y'all.  Still not sure what to do, though!  After staring at the photoshop rendering, I think the granite counter was messing me up.  So I took it out.
(I should have mentioned in the last post that we already have the wall oven - found a great deal on one - so I think we're moving ahead with the new cabinet.  Or maybe installing it in the base cabinet.  Still not sure!)
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