Options and plans

Thanks to some hardworking and generous family and friends, we're officially all moved into the new house and are working on settling in.  I'm loving so much about it: the location, the friendly neighbors, the yard, the layout...  If you ask Lula what's so great about the new place, she'll tell you that it has bananas and oranges and apples.  Works for me :)

My sweet mom came over the other day and helped me unpack the kitchen and make some plans for our new stove.  Apparently the previous owners used a countertop convection oven, which won't work for our family, so we've been trying to figure out where we can work in a wall oven.  We were thinking about trying to fit it in an existing base cabinet, but the thought of kids pressing buttons and potentially setting the kitchen on fire frightens me.  It looks like our best option is going to be building it into the set of cabinets at the end of the kitchen:
(The ones at the very right in the photo above.) 

We would raise the uppers to the height of the open-faced cabinets on the adjoining wall, build them out to base cabinet depth, set the oven on the counter, and build around it.  My amazing dad has offered to build/rework the cabinet for us and has charged me with drawing up some plans.

The way I'm envisioning it, the stove would be centered, which would leave me with a 9 inch cabinet on either side.  The question, then, is what to do with those skinny little cabinets.  I thought about pull-out spice racks or cookie sheet storage with cabinet door fronts:

Or book shelves for cook books:

Or shorter shelves with small baskets for utensils:
Are there other options I'm missing?  Do they all just look awkward (bad photoshop job aside)?  What would y'all do?
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