A practical purchase

Things might be a bit quiet around here for the next few weeks.  Around the blog, that is.  Not the house.  There's plenty going on around the house.  The moving container has been delivered, boxes have been acquired, and slowly the house is being emptied.  It all sounds very passive when I say it like that, but believe me, it's anything but.  Lots of action happening here.

We're getting excited for the new house and I've got a folder stuffed full of plans.  We have a few major purchases to make: new water heater, wall oven, microwave, etc.  Most of it is pretty boring and practical to tell the truth.  I did, however, find one something that I was more than excited to throw down my Christmas money on:
Isn't he the cutest thing?  I splurged and ordered a 20x30 to go in G and L's room.  Gus and Lula saw him shortly after he arrived and just started giggling.  Seems his jolly demeanor is contagious.  

In addition to being so stinkin' adorable (and really, do I need another reason?) the donkey is kind of a sweet reminder for me of our time in Ethiopia.  I encountered donkeys for the first time there when we traveled to pick up G and L, and fell head over heels for them.  So hopefully the donkey (he needs a name - Wendell, Wilbur, Burley.....?) will not only make us all smile, but will provide some opportunities to tell Gus and Lula about the amazing place where they were born.  See!  He is muti-functional!  Maybe he does fall into the practical purchase category after all!      
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*Photo by Jackson Carson.  Prints can be ordered here.