It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

With the house on the market, we decided to keep things simple this year.  Enter the mini tree.  (Hopefully my theory that less tree = less needles holds true).
We actually couldn't find a mini tree anywhere, so we ended up going with our normal 7 footer from Pike's and chopping the top off.  (Reminded me so much of this!)  We borrowed a cool old metal bucket from my parents' garage and used some scrap wood to stabilize the tree down inside of it.    
I only pulled out our silver ornaments, and added in pinecones and brown kraft paper for a mix of shimmery and rustic.
I used the greenery from the bottom half of the tree to decorate the mantel and add a few evergreen centerpieces around the house.  The stockings were made for us by my mom, and in my opinion, are perfect.
  Little bits of greenery throughout the house make it smell like Christmas.

My favorite decoration, the German Christmas pyramid we received for our wedding, got a bit of a lift this year.  I used a cake stand to raise it and surrounded the base with greenery. 
(Yes, we got a new table.  I'll be posting about it soon.  And yes, that's a different light fixture.  I wasn't going to risk leaving my handmade beaded one up in case a potential buyer wanted to keep it with the house!) 
More fresh greenery, art print by me, and another shot of the pyramid.  If you're not familiar with them, Christmas pyramids are traditional in Germany and are a type of nativity.  It brings back happy memories of my family's time there. 

We threw a few lights on the vine around our front door and added two fresh wreaths to the front doors.  Like I said, simple.  And for the most part, it was all done in one nap time :) 
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P.S. I've been working on creating postcards to invite our neighbors to our Christmas Eve service.  I thought y'all might like an easy way to invite your neighbors to church, too, so I've made the file available here.  Feel free to print and give away as many as you'd like!