How it all went down - two crazy house buying stories in one

We had been praying and praying for our house to sell, and not very mindful of what would happen when it did.  So after accepting an offer and working through all the details of selling, it occurred to me early last week that we would be essentially homeless in just 45 days.  I was a bit nervous.  Add to that the fact that there's basically nothing on the market right now.  And that we really didn't have a great idea of where exactly we wanted to end up.

All we knew was that we felt convicted to both cut our mortgage payments significantly in order to give more, and to be intentional in outreach in our new neighborhood.  We just had no idea how that might work out practically.  After seeing a handful of homes that didn't fit both requirements (great neighborhood, but pricey; or cheap, but not in an outreach-friendly neighborhood), we decided to compromise.  We had our realtor draw up paperwork, but neither of us felt quite right about anything we had seen.

Until late last week.  I called Keith early in the morning to talk about our as-yet unsubmitted offer and some loose ends we needed to tie up.  He mentioned that he would be in a meeting all afternoon and unreachable by phone.  I was sorting through some loan paperwork during naptime while my mom sat next to me, scrolling through some newly listed homes.  And there it was.  A just-listed foreclosure.  Gorgeous exterior.  Amazing location.  Unbelievable price.

A quick call to our realtor, and 45 minutes later, we were inside.  And I was head over heels.  It felt just right.

Long story short, I put in an offer on the spot.  Full asking price.  Without Keith(!).  (He was unreachable, remember?)  And the price was unbelievable.  And probably 20 people drove by while I was looking around.  I think I called and left a voicemail with something like this: "I just put an offer on a house.  That you've never seen.  It's amazing.  You'll love it."  He called me hours later just laughing.  He's a pretty special guy.  The coolest.

So we were pretty thrilled that not only would we not be homeless, but we actually really liked our new house.  (I was completely smitten.  Keith had still not properly seen it :)  But foreclosures work in mysterious ways.  Our realtor called us the same night and told us that our offer wouldn't even be considered, the house was going to be auctioned instead.  Whaaat?!?

We were unclear at first whether we would even be able to bid, and spent a few more days driving by way less-thrilling options.  We decided maybe it would be best if we just moved out to the farm for a bit.

Then the auction was listed - ebay-style - online, complete with details.  We were eligible to bid!  Long story short (again), today the sellers (the bank?) added a "buy it now" option (told you it was like ebay!).  And in a bizarre twist, we were just a few clicks away from owning the house.  Keith was at work again, but not unreachable this time.  After speed dialing him and then checking with our realtor, I clicked my way to a contract!

I could not have foreseen things going down like this, and I definitely did not anticipate finding such an amazing house.  God provides so generously to us.  

I'll have to go back soon to get some photos, but here's a shot of the outside from an old listing.  Swoon.
(Edited to be unsearchable - Thanks, Anna!)

We're hoping and praying we'll be cozied up here by the end of January!  I'll keep you posted!
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