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*Like I said, we've been busy around here.  It looks like things are getting a bit better, though.  After a lot of praying and struggling with leaving his old job, Keith has decided to take a job at one of the best companies ever.
He finished up at his old job last Friday, and today begins his 5-week-long(!) break before starting at Chick-Fil-A Corporate in December.  (He'll be doing just about the same thing he's always done - software.)  We are so excited that he has this opportunity to work at such an amazing company, but I might be even more excited about the next 5 weeks!  :)

*I just realized that I posted about G&L's parties (here and here), but never showed y'all what we got for their presents:
We opted not to give them more toys or books (they have waaay too much already!), and took them to the Georgia Aquarium instead.  They had a blast.  I love the idea of giving experiences instead of gifts and might make this a new family tradition.
Lula especially loved it.  Look at the delight on her face!

*As Halloween approached this year, we weren't sure what to do.  There are so many different positions on this, and we thought that we were fine not celebrating it.  But at the last minute, the realization that this could be a great opportunity to get to know our neighbors (which we've been horrible about) won out.  I dug through the kids' closets and managed to find a pilot outfit for Gus (the hat is from his party) and a ladybug for Lula (hand-me-down from her cousins).
We plopped them in the wagon and set out.  I won't lie, it was an incredible opportunity to get to talk to some of our neighbors we may never have met otherwise.  I'm not sure what we'll do in the future, but I'm glad we went trick-or-treating this year.
The kids scored a ridiculous amount of candy.  Which Keith convinced them was not for eating.  (Dad of the year!)  They didn't seem to care, and had plenty of fun just playing with the wrappers.

*I have some new prints up in the shop, and some more on the way listed now* (Christmas ones, too!)
100% of all proceeds from the sale of the Micah 6:8 print (top left corner) go directly to Bring Love In, an amazing ministry that we met on our trip to Africa last summer.  It's also available in primary colors here.

*Speaking of giving to good causes, I came across Pure Charity over here.  Please take a minute to read about it and sign up.  It's an incredibly easy way to give to charity.  A percentage of your spending in store and online at places like Target go directly to the charity of your choice.  Amazing, right?

*Not to be bossy, but do one more favor for me, please?  Vote.  Make time tomorrow to get out and cast your ballot if you haven't already.  It's a pretty amazing right that was denied many in the past, and that we take for granted now.  Just do it.

*I'll leave y'all with this video of my hilarious, gregarious little boy demonstrating the new dance move he came up with.  We've dubbed it "the scootch".

Happy Monday, y'all!
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*Just got the Christmas prints listed and ready to go.  Here's a sampling: