I don't talk clothes very much here.  Mostly because I feel completely inadequate.  Most of my clothes come from consignment shops.  (Since I'm being honest, most are purchased by my sweet mom, whose love language is shopping.  She stops by with a big bag of purchases for me and the kiddos at least once a week.  It's like Christmas in a bag.  52 times a year.)  And to tell the truth, most days I end up wearing sweats and one of Keith's oversize fleeces.  
Except I work from home.  So getting dressed up to go out is the exception, not the rule around here.
But when I do get dressed, I usually fall back on this simple recipe: my skinnies (Just splurged on these - they're amazing.  I wash & wear them about 300 days of the year.), a basic top, and either sandals or boots depending on the season.  My mom uniform.  When I've got 20 minutes to get myself and 2 little people dressed and out of the house (and these days, have the house clean and tidy just in case there's a last-minute showing), it's the best I can do.
I looked through 800 million photos of Gus and Lula to find one of me in my jeans and a tee.  I realize that a photo taken during our trip to Africa may not be in the best taste for such a frivolous post, but it's all I could find. 

I do adore the look of layers and well-accessorized outfits.  I've been inspired lately to spiff things up a bit (thank you, pinterest).  I've been trying to add a belt and either a chunky necklace or a scarf to my outfits to finish them off.  Two accessories is my new minimum.  (At least on days when I have more than 5 minutes to dress myself.)  It's been fun to see how old outfits seem more put together and new with just a few updates.

These are my go-to's for a little fashion inspiration:

*This lady is amazing.  She does things with belts that I never knew were possible.  If you have trouble figuring out how to accessorize outfits, or how to mix and match pieces in your closet, you have to read her series on putting together a remixable wardrobe.  It will change the way you dress.  
She's a genius.  

*Next time you just need a little inspriation, try scrolling through Kendi's archives.  She knows how to put together an outfit.  (And she's not afraid of thrifting, either!)

Makes me want to find some colored pants!

*And lastly, Shannan, whose blog I discovered a few months ago.  (She's and adoptive mom and is on a similar [though way, way more daring and awe-inspiring] relocation journey as us.)  She is beautiful in so many ways, and while I have a hunch that she would never own up, she is a fashion wizard.  She's a natural-born layer-er, which I am extremely envious of!
I wish I could be half this cool.  T-shirt over button-down, under blazer?  Amazing. 

(It feels a little strange to point out that she's inspired me to layer better, because she's inspired me in so many more meaningful, real ways.  But there it is.)

I do realize that there's much more to life than fashion, and I definitely hope I spend my limited free time (i.e. nap time) in better, more productive ways, but it is nice to occasionally feel pulled together and even a tad fashionable instead of wearing the same old thing day after day (complete with baby snot and smeared bananas).  And once you get the hang of it, layering a bit or adding an accessory or two just takes a minute.  What are your secrets for breaking out of a fashion rut?  
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