Some updates on the crib situation

Thanks so much to everyone who left advice about crib climbing situation.  We took a side off of each crib so they're in "big kid" beds now.  The first night was a little rough - we had to put them back to bed several times.  After that, though, they've been great!  
(How amazing is it that our couch cushions give them a landing pad should they fall out of bed?  Score one more for the wonderful green sofa.)

*We do like to sneak in after they've fallen asleep and see how they're sleeping.  The second night we found them snuggled up together:
And last night they decided to give the floor a try.  Under the bed.  We had a brief moment of panic when we couldn't find them :)
I don't really care so much that they stay in bed, as long as they're quiet and aren't running around and playing.

*We switched a few things around to toddler-proof their room.  The yellow dresser is now upstairs in the bonus room, holding my fabric stash.

*The white dresser that was in the closet is now out in the room.  (It's not climb-able, thanks to the hardware, and they're not able to open the drawers.  [We did install drawer locks on the top two drawers.]  It's also got a much lower center of gravity, so they won't be able to pull it over.)
(The yellow tins on top of the dresser are there so I will know if they are somehow able to climb the dresser.  So far, they've stayed in place!)

*These blue drawers were housing my fabric up in the bonus room, and are now in the nursery closet holding clothes and books.

*We took down the gutter shelves.  Lula was climbing them to turn the light switch on.  (Her platelet count is down again, unfortunately, so this was a total nightmare for me.)  The shelves came down the next day.
All their books and toys are now in a bin (borrowed from my mom) that we remove from their room every night and at naps.  That way they're not tempted to get out of bed and play.  I'd love to eventually replace it with the Raskog cart from Ikea (again, thanks to your suggestions!) - or with a vintage library cart if I can find one.

*We already had a knob cover on the inside of their bedroom door so they can't get out of their room and wander the house.  We made sure there were outlet covers everywhere and added a lock on the closet door, too.  I *think* the room is now G&L-proof.

Thanks again so much to all you experienced mamas out there who chirped in with advice.  It feels like Gus and Lula are growing so quickly right now and we're making new changes everyday.  I love the challenge of it, and I love watching them grow, but sometimes it makes me feel a bit out of my depth.  I'm so thankful that many of you have been through this already and don't mind sharing!      
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P.S. One idea for those of you with little ones that climb out of cribs that was seriously tempting to me : sleep sacks.  (Hard to climb with your legs confined.)  They apparently come in toddler sizes.  How simple and genius is that?