What's Happening (all about Gus & Lula)

Gus and Lula are getting to a really fun age.  They're interacting with each other a lot more now, and they're just all about having fun.  Cute, fun kids + camera phones = 2 overly-documented little lives (if that's possible).  Thought I'd share the highlights here:

*They love, love reading.  Normally they want me or Keith to read to them, but occasionally I catch them reading by themselves.  So sweet.  Here they are reading one of their favorite animal books together.  Lula's pointing out animals and making the corresponding sound, and Gus is repeating.  :)

*There are sure signs that potty training is coming up soon.  Neither one wants to keep diapers on anymore. Exhibit A: 
Aaaand exhibit B: 
Yes, she is diaperless.  Yes, she is still wearing a (mostly) buttoned onesie.  How in the world did she do it?  I have no clue.  I found the diaper (poo-filled, unfortunately) in a corner in their room.  And - fortunately - absolutely no mess anywhere except in said diaper.  This girl has skills.

*We've been taking advantage of the gorgeous (hot!) summer weather by swimming:
Lula's little face cracks me up.  Love the goggles :) 

 *Visiting parks and playgrounds:
....including one with a splash pad!
 ....and one with a pond.  Which, of course, had to be jumped in.  Which meant clothes were muddied and wet and had to come off.
 Holding hands on the way back from our hike/dip in the pond.  

*We've also been hanging out inside during the hottest part of the day: 
......trying out new restaurants (and new hats): 
Gus prefers to wear his like a flat-billed trucker cap.  

 ......chillin' in the car:

.......And at home:

We tried baking for the first time ever.  Slice and bake cookie dough in the toaster oven.  They had fun, though.  :) 
Playing in our awesome new toy bin - an antique metal wash basin.

*I'll leave you with 2 videos of them playing and laughing:
    This one is short and sweet.  Keith was playing with the kids and decided to run down the hallway and
    slide to a stop.  This little girl thinks her daddy is hilarious.  She's laughing so hard here. 
This one is a bit long, but I love that we were able to capture how they play together!

I always feel a little guilty when I shamelessly show off my cute babies, but then I remember that the name of the blog is Gus & Lula.  Happy Monday y'all.
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