Sweet Reading Nook

I've been settling back in at home again just a little.  With the realization that we may or may not be here for a while, I've decided to start living in our house again.  Feeling at home instead of feeling like the one-man maintenance crew for a museum.  I'm still cleaning way more than I'm accustomed to just in case someone shows up on our doorstep asking to see the house right then.  But I've indulged myself a little by working on a few projects around the house.  It feels good :)
Of course, whatever I do needs to either add to the sell-ability of our house, or be easily removable.  I think our new little reading nook fulfills both requirements.
There's this sweet little dormer in our upstairs hallway, sandwiched between two closets.  I've been meaning to do something with it for a long time, but just never got around to it.  Now it's a cozy little spot for Gus and Lula to sit and read together.    
I used this tutorial to whip up the valance.  It was so quick and easy - I had the whole thing put together in under an hour.  And since it's just held up by two tension rods, it can be taken down in a second.
I used the same Target shower curtain that I used for this and this, and all the pillows were gathered from other places in the house.
Gus and Lula approve.  (To keep it real - I did have curtain panels hanging to frame the opening.  That lasted all of two minutes before these two ripped them down.  Should have seen that one coming!)
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