Wishing & Hoping

We need to sell our house before we can look seriously for a new home, but that hasn't stopped me from dreaming of ideas for our new place.  We're looking for something smaller and less expensive, but if we happened to find a smaller, less expensive cottage that looked something like this, I would be over the moon :)

I have a thing for old homes.  We lived in two eighty-year-old homes in Illinois before we moved south, and I adored every creaky floor board and drafty window.
Our very first impractically tiny house.  But the brick streets and period details?  So charming.
Our slightly larger second home.  This really was a great house, just quite a bit north of where we wanted to be :) 

Seriously, these houses had soul.

I'm sure it would be a different story living in an old house now that we have little ones, what with the lead paint and old wiring and general lack of storage space.  Or at least that's what I'm telling myself since there just aren't any old homes in the area we're hoping to move.

So realistically, we're looking for something new-ish that will probably be a little lacking in character.  I'm choosing to see this as a challenge and an opportunity to make something lovely out of something ordinary (while staying on our shoestring budget).  Thankfully, we have a bit of experience doing projects around the house, and of course, Pinterest for inspiration.

I'll be updating the blog as we search for a new home, and will be pinning plenty of ideas and photos along the way.  We're hoping for just a short wait until we move into our new house cottage or perhaps barn?  Wouldn't something like this be dreamy?
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