Gus & Lula's new room

When we move into our new house,  we do plan to use what we have (for the most part), so most rooms will be similar to their current state in this house.  One room that will change quite a bit is Gus and Lula's.  Of course, I'm having fun with all the many possibilities that this presents and have been dreaming up new designs for their new space.  This is the current (i.e. until I change my mind again) plan:
It is quite a bit different from their current room, but I'm loving (for now) the earthier, eclectic, vintage-y look.  Oh, and the subtle travel theme! 

Details & Sources:
*I would love to find some old Jenny Lind beds to paint when G & L outgrow their cribs.  I've been scouring
  craigslist, but with no luck so far.
*This ikat rug with the muted primary colors would be perfect.  via.
*I would love a teepee for reading and play.  This one is from Resto, but I'm thinking DIY would be a much
  cheaper option.
*I'd love a dark, weathered wood dresser.  This one is via PB, but I'd likely strip & stain their current 
*Lovely monogrammed pillow from this great etsy shop.
*Quilts - found years ago at Home Goods & currently in the pink room.  These would be perfect - stripey
  side up for Gus, ikat for Lula.
*Adorable map bunting via.
*Butterfly art - new to Ikea.  Love the colors!  
*Navy ticking for curtains - can't go wrong with this classic pattern.
*"Travel" and "Wander" art prints - by me and soon to be added to the shop.
*Pagoda chandelier - currently in our kitchen.  You can read about it here and here.
*Oh, and the gorgeous wide-planked hardwood floors - a girl can dream, right?  :)

Oh - and I would love, love to find an old library cart for all their books.  Gus and Lula love to read - 80% of their "play" time is spent reading (unless Daddy is home to rough house with them).  Our book collection has grown quite a bit, and I love this idea for storing them all.
Again, I'm assuming craigslist will be my best bet - unless anyone happens to know of a great source?
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