What's Happening (phone dump)

Let me get this out of the way first - y'all are amazing.  Encouraging, beautiful, wonderful people.  Y'all were so kind in response to my last post, and I received so much encouragement, so many ministry ideas, and so many other stories of people who have done similar (and much greater!) things.  Thank you!  I am so very blessed by you!

OK, down to business.  Other than keeping the house spotless while trying to sell it (while wrangling two toddlers), here's a snapshot or two of our lives lately:

*Keith and I recently celebrated our birthdays (Keith's was actually while we were in Ethiopia.  I took him to the Mexican restaurant that we found last time we were in Addis.  He was violently ill the next day.  Sorry, honey!)  We celebrated properly when we got home by heading to Serenbe for dinner and a play.  It was wonderful.  If you're near Atlanta, you must check out Serenbe.  Such a cool place!
(You can get gift certificates for the farmhouse at restaurant.com.  I think we paid $1 for a $25 certificate during one of their special events.)  

*We've been swimming at my parents' house a bit this summer.  (Right now it's almost too hot to swim, but we'll be back at it just as soon as it cools down a little!)  Both the kids love the water, but my little dare-devil is ready to take off on her own.  She jumps in from the side (hopefully someone is waiting to catch her!) and is ready to take off swimming.  Makes a mama nervous!

*I made cloud dough a while ago, and it's been a big hit with the kids.  It was so easy to make and provides hours of fun: 

*G & L have discovered that if they act super cute at bedtime that it's harder for us to put them down. This is the nightly show lately:

*We made a quick trip to Ikea this weekend and decided spur-of-the-moment that we should stop by Centennial Olympic Park to let the kids play while we were in Atlanta.  Needless to say, we didn't have swim suits for either kid or appropriate shoes for Gus (eek!).  We just rolled with it and prayed against fungal infections and the like.  We didn't regret it.
They loved the fountains.  It was really interesting to watch them watching all the other kids, too.  It seemed like maybe Lula picked up on the fact that there were a bunch of kids with brown skin - something she's not entirely used to.  But that's another post in itself.

*Both my kids love to read.  Which is wonderful.  Only thing is, we read the same books over and over and over :)  Gus has memorized the "words" to several.  This is one of his favorites: 

*Depending on how you made your way here today, you may have noticed our new entry page.  My sweet husband is working on setting up an independent shop for my prints (don't worry, we'll still be around on etsy, too).  So he decided we should go all out and make the site look legit.  Luckily he writes software for a living, so this was no big deal.  The new shop will soon be linked directly from the entry page.
Y'all might need to update your bookmarks to blog.gusandlula.com.  Please let me know if something isn't working right!  

That's about it.  Or at least that's all I can think of for now!  Hope y'all are having a great summer!    
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