What I didn't know 7 years ago

I was so, so young then and had no idea what commitment or sacrificial love meant.  (I have just a slightly better idea now.)
I didn't know then that we would grow to love each other and enjoy each other more over the years.  Or that all the difficult times would bring us closer to each other and would strengthen our faith.
I had no idea then that Keith would be such an amazing father, a good provider, or a willing servant.  That he would be so solid, dependable, and loving.
I did have an inkling that he would always be able to make me laugh.
I had no idea then what God might have in store for us.  It's amazing to see how He's changed us, where He's brought us, and how He's provided for us.
I didn't know then that I would still be so in love with this man seven years later.
Happy Anniversary, honey.  I love you more than I can say! 
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