We have these friends.  Adam and Jessica.  They are amazing.  Good, godly, wonderful people.
Somehow this photo from a few years ago is the only one I could find of the 4 of us.  We've grown by 3 since then. 

Months ago, we decided it would be fun to go on a cruise together.  We starting looking at ships and destinations, trying to make plans.  And then God stepped in.  Through a series of different events, He started convicting us and changing us, and soon our plans started to change as well.  We decided that if we were going to go on a cruise, we should at least plan to spend our time wisely by doing a Bible study together on the ship.  Then we decided that maybe we should shorten the cruise and also go on a missions trip together.  Somewhere close by.  Or maybe Peru.  And before we realized what had happened, we had booked flights to Africa.  
God had changed our hearts and had turned our cruise into a vision trip to Ethiopia and Uganda.  He had burdened us to see what we might be able to do to help and where He might call us to go.  So three weeks ago, we said goodbye to our babies and boarded a plane (or four) for Africa.
We spent twelve days in Ethiopia and Uganda, visiting ministries, meeting missionaries, asking questions, praying, and trying to process all of the information we were taking in.  I'm still trying to process it.  It was an amazing, eye-opening, stretching trip.
I'm planning on sharing a little about the amazing ministries we met with over the next week or two, but for now - a few random shots from the trip:
The view from our room in Ethiopia
The orphanage where Gus and Lula stayed.  We went back to see Mordecai and Mama Helen, but sadly we missed them.  
Laundry hanging out to dry at the orphanage.
Taking a stroll in lush, beautiful Uganda.

 Most people in Uganda didn't want their photos taken, but this little guy was an exception.  
 And then his friends wanted in on it, too.
 A huge tree in Uganda.  It was so green there. 
Keith and I in front of Lake Victoria.  Seeing the lake was one of the items on my 30 before 30 lists.  Check.

 Adam and Jessica on the boda boda (motorcycle taxi).  I don't know what was more fun - going for a ride, or watching all the faces we passed light up as they saw crazy white people on the boda bodas.  

More soon......
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