My sweet sister (who just recovered from a tonsillectomy) is watching the babies for us while Keith and I are away for a short trip.  Before we left, I wrote out some instructions for her detailing their schedule, how to wash their hair, and other helpful tidbits.  After finishing, I realized that the notes were a great time capsule of sorts.  They really are a snapshot of some funny little details that I'm sure would be easily forgotten by the time my babies are no longer babies.  So for posterity's sake, here are a few excerpts:

*We make them eat (most of) what's on their plates before they can have more of what they want.  Gummi vitamins are great motivation to get them to finish eating.

*"Ugly" noises (i.e. whining or yelling) have to be replaced with sweet ones.  "Aaaahhhhhhh".  

*Redirection works really (almost comically) well with Gus.  Don't want him doing something?  Tell him to go find a ball.  

*From the section on hair care: When you take Lula's pigtails down at night, she will look like Wolverine.  Don't worry, everything will be back to normal by morning.

*Don't feel like you have to entertain them all the time.  The more you do, the crabbier they get when left alone.  They do really well playing together (most of the time).

*Don't bother putting shoes on Lula until you get where you're going.  Not a chance they'll still be on her feet if you do put them on first.

*If they're mean to each other, we make them hug.  You have to specify that they need to hug "with arms".  Otherwise, they do this funny leaning-in thing without really hugging.  

*Gus' tickle spots are his back, neck, and under his arms.  Lula's are on her thighs.  :)
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