It's VBS week.

If you're a mama of little ones who does VBS at your church, you know what this means -- exhaustion.  We're not planning to accomplish anything else at all this week.  Just VBS.  Most days that's just about all we can manage to do: get everyone to church, help out for a few hours, get everyone home, fed, and down for a nap.
But getting to share the gospel with a lot of sweet kids who might not otherwise hear it really makes this week not just worthwhile, but special.  It's amazing to see how God can use this week to change hearts and lives of little ones (and their families).  And we're blessed to be a part of that.  
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P.S.  We're keeping my nieces for a few days while my sister has her tonsils and adenoids out.  Please pray for a quick and easy recovery for her!

P.P.S.  Don't my little Ethiopians look huge next to their "big" cousins?  They both already outweigh the 3 year-old!