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*We kept our nieces for a few days last week.  We adore those sweet girls, but let me tell you - 4 kids aged 4 and under sure did keep us on our toes!  While we had the girls, we decided to go ahead and take them on their birthday outing.  Their birthdays are in April and June, so we generally do something for both in between.  This year we found a great deal on kids' baking classes and knew they would love it.
We thought the aprons and hats were a must. 
The head chef, who did an amazing job teaching a group of energetic little ones to make Sopapilla, also had a trick to make the girls' aprons fit a little better.  She pulled the neck tie down in the back and slipped one of the waist ties through it.  Much better! 

*I ran by ReStore this morning looking for some vintage doors to do this.  I thought we had struck out completely, but then I spotted this guy:
 Not exactly a pair of old doors, but doesn't he look handsome standing by our front entry?  
I love that the bottom is signed.  And that apparently owls were 'in' in '79, too.  

*This one is quite the daredevil.  She tends to rush headfirst into things, and as a result:
She's now missing half a tooth.  (And of course, it would be her top front one!)  The dentist said it should be fine for now, and once she's a little older (read: can sit still for more than 2 minutes) we can have it fixed if we want.

*There are a few more new prints in the shop this week:

I've really been enjoying my little creative outlet lately!  

*The babies had their first popsicles yesterday.  After reading the ingredients labels on a bunch in the store, I decided to make my own with a mold and some strawberry yogurt.  The babies weren't so sure at first....
But then they loved it!

*Otherwise, we're just settling into summer around here and enjoying the gorgeous weather.  Hope it's nice where you are, too!
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