We bought a farm

Well, not exactly.  But my parents did.  Or are.
They stumbled on the real estate listing for this gorgeous old (mid-1800's!) farm house a while back and decided to take the plunge.  They plan on fixing it up over the course of a few years, and then retiring there.
The inside needs some love, but the house - and the grounds - are so cool.  Almost all of the walls and ceilings in the house are planked, and it's got quite a bit of quirky old house character.  Love.    
There are gorgeous old trees, a pond, a barn.
I can't wait to help with the fixing up.

Mom and Dad, here's what I had in mind:
Lots of warm whites and neutrals, natural wood floors, and classic furnishings with a few quirky, rustic touches thrown in.  Can't wait to see what they do - and share updates with y'all!

All photos via my farm house Pinterest board.  (And many more there, too!)
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