To do, doing, done

I have an incredible backlog of projects I've been dreaming about doing lately.  I've managed to start several, and even to finish a few.  Here's what I hope to start working on soon, what I'm in the middle of doing now, and what I've done recently:

To do: 

*I mentioned here that we're on the lookout for some old doors to do this:
Our door situation in our master bedroom/bathroom could really use some work.  Pocket doors would have been ideal to prevent too many doors opening into one another, but this could look really cool, too.  I've seen so many different ways of doing this on different blogs and pinterest, but this seems pretty simple & inexpensive and allows for the door casings to remain on.  Now to find those doors...

*I have been dying to recreate this in our house since I first saw it a few weeks ago.  It would be so nice to be able to wash the red Georgia dirt off of little feet and doggy paws on our way in the house.  I'm trying to convince Keith it would be easy to do.  (And that we have room for it in our laundry room.)

In progress: 

*Organizing.  There's a lot of inspiration here, and I've been on a cleaning out/organizing kick lately.  Almost every closet in our house has been ransacked and put back together, minus a lot of unneeded junk.

*Adding a shelf behind the washer/dryer so stuff doesn't fall behind.  So simple, but genius.  We've bought the board and brackets, now we just need to install it. 


*Mosquito traps.  I was skeptical of this at first, but these have been amazing at keeping the mosquitoes away.  With such a mild winter, I'm sure the bugs will be out in full force this summer, so we're definitely going to maintain these.  

*I have been wanting to go "green" with our household cleaning products, and with this recipe floating all over Pinterest, I knew I had to try it.

Just Dawn and vinegar.  Works amazingly well.

The progression of gorgeous and exciting to dull and practical as the list goes on is a little sad.  Obviously the smaller, more practical projects have been a little easier for us lately.  But we do have a three day weekend coming up, so who knows what could happen?

What's on your list?  Anything I might want to try?  :)
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