Mama's Day

I hope all you mamas out there (and all those who have mamas) had a wonderful Mother's day yesterday.  I know -- I remember very well -- that this is a really tough holiday for some.  I think Noel said it best here.

We had a great weekend here.  I had teased Keith that Mother's Day last year wouldn't be too difficult to beat (I had malaria, out-of-town guests, and two babies who hadn't learned to sleep through the night yet).  He did an amazing job of making the day special and relaxing.  On Saturday, he let me sleep in while the babies colored some pictures for me.

Then he surprised me with a trip to Fresh Market to pick out some flowers.  (I worked at a florist through high school and college, and he knew how much fun I would have arranging them.)

I love how cheery the colors are.

We spent Sunday afternoon lunch with my parents, and managed to sneak in a little cleaning out/organizing time (which may not sound like fun, but was wonderful!).  It was relaxing, sweet time with the man that I love and our little family.  Just about perfect.  
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