Living Room Update

I've been sitting here in my office living room working on some upcoming projects, and looking around I realized that it's been a while since I posted about this room.  There have been a few changes here lately.  Most notably, we have a new sofa: 
...and a new rug.  The sofa was a craigslist find, and the Rug is by Dash & Albert via a local consignment store.  

So now we have 3 smallish sofas in this room, which is great for hosting get-togethers.  None of the sofas match, but they coordinate well enough for me.  I've never been a matchy-matchy person, anyway.  
(Sofa on the left is here, sofa on the right is here & here.)
I've been trying to add some warmer, natural tones to this room (and the dining room), and I'm liking the cozier feel.  Obviously, it's not finished, but is in a constant state of change like the rest of our house.  I think the furry black dog is a nice touch, don't you?   
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P.S. I always get questions when I post about this room, so the TV frame project is here, the built-in project is here.