One year ago today...

Overjoyed to be home
After nearly 30 hours of sleepless travel, we came home to ecstatic family, a home-cooked meal, hot showers, and our own wonderful, wonderful bed. We laid Gus and Lula to sleep in their very own cribs in their very own room for the very first time, and enjoyed a much-needed night of sleep as my amazing sister and brother-in-law stayed up all night with our two malnourished, jetlagged babies.

Today we celebrated the amazing, wonderful gift that the past year has been. It's been a year brimming with firsts and milestones and changes. A year filled with more blessings than we could have imagined. We serve an amazing, loving, glorious God.
Celebrating the big day at the zoo.
Tonight, we laid two healthy, energetic toddlers to sleep in their cribs and gave thanks for their little lives and the joy they have brought us this year. God is so good.
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