My amazing parents hosted Easter lunch, complete with Sister Schubert rolls (the best!) and three kinds of pie.  They also hosted an egg hunt for these little ones:  

My amazing mom made Lula's dress.  I showed her a photo of this dress that I liked, but that was more than I could bring myself to spend (even on ebay).  Her rendering is far prettier, and much more special.    
 This little girl was all about opening her eggs to see what was inside.  She didn't pick up nearly as many as the other kiddos, but she was more than happy to sit and open egg after egg. 
 This one was all about quantity.  
My sweet Gus carried his basket around all by himself. 
This one was, as usual, all over the place. 
 Seersucker + bowtie + saddle oxfords = perfect southern boy's Easter outfit
 My amazing mom also made the Easter baskets.  The night before.  She's crazy.  And wonderful.  
 I found Lu's adorable hat at Old Navy.  It makes me smile.
Little redhead angel. 

Sweet cousins.
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